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From: Antonio De Anda (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 02:29:01 EDT

the larger the filter.....the better the flow in the top end. If you listen
to the pitch the filter can kind of tell how its
flowing........okay......maybe i spend toooo much time dealing with intakes
and tbs.
The smaller filters will give you great throttle response......but they will
peak out way to early. The pitch will change at below cruising speeds.
The filter I include with the kits is a 9" filter. It gives great throttle
response and off the line performance.......and yet will still flow great til
about 90mph.....then the pitch changes. It still flows above that.....but not
as great......but hell, the truck is about to shut down at that speed anyway.
A smaller filter will probably peak out around 45 or 50mph.

After we took my motor apart.....and did the cam, heads, modified the
plenum.....along with all the other bolt on stuff........the 9" filter
started peaking out much earlier. I then tried a 12" filter......its not as
great off the line....but it flows much better on the top end. I still run
around with the 9" though......if I am going to go on a long high speed
run.......I will put the bigger filter on to try to help with the mileage.

If you guys are going to be charged that much for a cone
me.....I buy them in bulk.....So I can get them delivered to you for much less
that those prices. just email that I am might take
a few days for me to get back to you ....but I will get back to you......I

Talk to you all later,
take care and stay safe...

Stlaurent Mr Steven wrote:

> Oh! Go with the largest cone type from K&N and expect to pay around 69.00
> thru 92.00, depending on where you get the item.
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> Anyone here made your own intake kit? My dad can bend the tubing no
> problem. He can have a guy at his plant do it. What are some of the things
> needed to connect it to the TB housing? What size tubing/K & N filter do
> you use?
> thanks for your help guys! You're the best! :)
> william

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