Re: Belly pan Gasket

From: Kurt E Swanson (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 20:04:51 EDT

To everyone that responded,

Thanks for all the input! I'll pull the air cleaner tomorrow and take a
look! Maybe the M1 will be in the works! Concerned about the oil leak
problem with the M1 though!


Alan Short wrote:

> That sounds exactly like the belly pan gasket, they also smoke on startup
> sometimes.
> Went thru 2, then went with the M1/oil leak instead.
> Alan S.
> Kurt E Swanson wrote:
> > Well I think it finally happened! Going up a long hill at about 60-65
> > mph today at lunch and all of a sudden my Dak starts pinging like an
> > SOB. Only does it intermittently and under moderate to heavy throttle!
> > I want to check to see if it is the belly pan gasket, but need some help
> > in remembering the procedure. I know I need to look into the the intake
> > for a wet oily type residue or spot. Can this be done by looking down
> > the TB bores or do I have to remove the TB?
> >
> > Any advice or pointers would greatly be appreciated!
> >
> > Thanks
> > Kurt
> > 97 CC, 4x4, 5.2 Auto with 51,000 miles

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