Re: CD-R compatibiity

Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 22:15:58 EDT

I don't condemn CD players that don't play CD-Rs. I just simply snip all the
wires in the back of it. put it in a box, and go sell it. I have a TON of
Cd-Rs in my truck. I will buy the original, make a copy of it, and use the
copy. I always will scratch/lose or damage the originals so I'm kinda picky
about that.

Also, on CD-Rs. I can go on or napster and download MP3s that
aren't even released on regular store bought CDs and program in my own custom
mix.. I have a couple cds where you can't even buy the songs.

<< I would not condemn a cd player for not playing cd-rs.Most all car cd
 players will fail to read them at SOME point,usually when you go from
 one track to the next.Cd-rs are about 98% compatible with car
 stereos,IMHO.More so with home players. Steve P. Philips CDR-760,99
 Dak with Cd player,and a perfectly good Pioneer cd player that I
 mistakenly pulled out of my former truck(S___ 10)

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