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also, the technology that is used in US nuclear reactors is a lot cleaner
and safer than the soviet technology. they were building a nuclear reactor
in Cuba (just 180 miles south of where i live) based on Soviet technology,
and even the US government got scared! the stories circulating were that
the US was willing to build Cuba a reactor just so they wouldn't use the
soviet design (based on the same design as the Chernobyl reactor)! the plan
to build the reactor have since been scrapped (whew!)

Gabriel Couriel

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> Thanks Mark. Ontario is switching over to more nuclear plants, makes you
> think!
> Jim Knox, 91 Dak 318LA

Despite the 2 or 3 major accidents that have occurred (Chernobyl being the
worst) over the past yeart, nuclear energy is still the safest and cleanest
form of energy out there.

Contrary to popular belief, a nuclear plant will give off LESS radiation
than a coal or natural gas burning one.

The main problem is that people are afraid of it, so the technology that
it's based on hasn't really advanced much since the days of the Chicago
Piles and the first boiling water reactor, back in the 60's. (AND, as a
juicy little tidbit, I've walked through CP4 and the first boiling water
reactor. They're both at Argonne National Laboratory, and my Grandfather was
on the board of directors there for 40 years. He actually helped design a
reactor called IFR, which was killed by Clinton.) The technology that has
been developed is VERY cool and could revolutionize the industry, but since
everyone's afraid of nuclear energy it won't get the chance any time soon.

- Josh
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