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Date: Thu Apr 08 2004 - 19:55:01 EDT

Hey, Mike!

<snip> Back in 91 I did this trip. Bought a new Pontiac (wish it would have
been a
 dak!)in Michigan and had to report back to active duty in April 91. Ended
 my enlistment in August. Tripped back to Michigan for a 3 week vacation
 before settling back in California for good. A little more than 6700 after
 it was all said & done. I drove almost straight through most of it. About
 3 hours sleep on one trip. Young & stupid I guess!<snip>

Back in '76, when I was young & stupid, I did a cross-country Albany, NY, to
SF...63 hours (slept maybe 10hrs)
 in an Oldmobile Vista Cruiser...Bet Olznut has a couple of them layin
around...Anyway, three weeks later, I drove back in 57 hours in a Chubby
VEGA!( Anybody remember THEM?!?!?!) Slept ONE hour on the trip...drank about
20 cups of coffee - HOT & BLACK - and drove thru almost the entire state of
Ohio with my head out the window to stay awake...
Couldn't walk right for about a week...

DAK content:
Picked up a new pump, gasket, O-ring & serp belt from CP Dodge World for the
Parts Mgr's cost... Got the old pump out & cleaned the gasket surface, but
I'll be DAMNED if I can get the fan off the old pump...Anybody got ANY

Bob Smith (DAKSY2K on AIM)
Averill Park, NY
2K DAK SY CC Sport + V6 4X4 5 Speed

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