3923's and Fouling

From: Travis Bailey (dusterrt@msn.com)
Date: Sun Apr 11 2004 - 12:36:18 EDT

Yesterday after I changed my oil I decided to yank the spark plug heat
shields, clean out the crap in them and check some of the plugs. Not a hint
of fouling. They've been on for almost 7000 miles, insulator is white as
new, and the only carbon on them was just a tad at the base of the threads.
On the electrode it looked just a shade white actually. There wasn't a
picture in the Haynes manual that matched them exactly but if any did it was
the plug-too-hot picture, minus the blistered insulator. Does this mean the
heat range is right on? I'm running the MP PCM and 93 octane, and every
couple of months throwing a can of Sea Foam in the tank..

'92 Dak 5.2 4x4

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