F/S: '96 Dakota Sport Club Cab 4x4

From: Jon (jonsdak@midmaine.com)
Date: Sun Apr 11 2004 - 14:26:30 EDT

Hey all,

When my truck payment gets made on Friday, I'll finally owe the bank about
what KBB says is fair value on my truck.

When that happens, a "For Sale" sign gets slapped on the window so that I
can go after a new one.

I'm going to list it online and in the rags around here on Friday, but I'm
giving you guys advance notice.

I'll let it go for $6,800.

Most of you know what my truck has, but here's a run-down.

Dakota Club Cab Sport 4x4
Air, Cruise, Tilt, Sliding Rear Window, RWAL (Yeah, I know...trust me)
Bulldog remote starter
Lund VentVisors
Custom stereo including Jensen MP-3310 CD/MP3/WMA player and Pioneer
speakers all around
BackRack headache rack
Diamond-plate bedrail protectors
Cosmetic Dodge Motorsports add-ons (decals, steering wheel cover, etc)

I like to think I'm a healthy balance between those of us who off-road and
put our trucks through the paces, and those of us who pamper them.
I do use my truck as a truck, but I don't beat on it.

E-mail with questions.



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