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Date: Sun Apr 11 2004 - 21:24:13 EDT

Thanks Bernd!
Good to know. The only thing I noticed is, it's a '99, supposedly. I've
driven it, but never looked at the door tag...
If I go after it (depends on how fast I can sell my current truck), I'll get
the recalls done, and also the alternator needs a rebuild or replacement,
the bearings sound like they're ready for lunch :-)
Yeah, it's got every option but heated seats, leather, and LSD, I think (and
automatic transmission, of course).

Vermont St. Furniture? Sounds interesting. I'm not aware of a Vermont St.
around here, or near where the truck is. (45mi away, but another of my
haunts). Probably an auction queen.


""Bernd D. Ratsch"" <> wrote in message
> Only record I show is the initial "Road Ready" prep from Brattleboro
> Auto Retailers (2/12/1999). No other Chrysler/Dodge entries at all.
> 1997 Dodge Dakota 4x4 ClubCab w/5.2L 5-Speed - 3.55:1 gears. Has a
> bunch of options, but didn't see the Limited Slip in the list though.
> Recall 891 and 978 have not been done either (Seat Belt Retractor and
> Rear Brake Hose).
> Possible previous owner: Vermont Street Furniture??
> - Bernd
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> Would someone be so kind as to run this VIN for me?
> 1B7GG22Y5XS213405
> Thanks,
> -Jon

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