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Date: Wed Apr 14 2004 - 19:52:12 EDT

Bernd they are still sold through mopar. they are in the new mopar catalogs

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> Yup...Most aftermarket parts sold under the Mopar name come with a Mopar
> P/N# on them. The JR Headers don't. They weren't a hot item and Mopar
> had dropped them a long time was overstock in their
> (dusty) warehouse that prompted the sale of the left-over headers.
> As for "branding" any of our trucks...heck, most of the parts aren't
> even Dodge anyway - Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, etc.
> - Bernd
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> : I saw both of those posts before I made mine, and my previous comment
> still
> : stands. I understand that they were made by "JR Headers." If you're
> going
> : to say that these headers aren't Dodge headers, that they're "JR"
> headers,
> : you might as well start telling us that the alternator you bought from
> Dodge
> : isn't a Dodge alternator, that it's a Denso alternator instead.
> : The fact of the matter is that they were (are) sold over the Mopar
> parts
> : counter, and have a Dodge part number attached to them, and every part
> : (except maybe the MP line) sold by Dodge is made by someone else.
> The MP stuff is made by other people too. :-) (For example, I think
> Edelbrock was responsible for the aluminum Magnum cylinder
> heads, and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't make most of
> the MP intake manifolds too.) Heck, even for new vehicles, Dodge
> doesn't really make much of anything - I guess you could consider
> them designers and assemblers. :-) AFAIK, most parts on a vehicle
> comes from outside sources. (I said "most", not "all".) ;-)
> I'm not sure about the frame and the sheet metal; I wouldn't be
> surprised to learn that Dodge does actually do their own stamping.
> (There is a Ford stamping plant near me in Buffalo, so I know they do
> some of their own stamping, at least.)
> --
> -Jon-

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