RE: RE: Clutch Problems

From: greg conner (
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 18:42:59 EDT

Some early models had the bleed valve on the slave cylinder. However, I'm
pretty sure they had been done away with by 89.

Oh and refilled it with atf???? Hope not, depending on which manuel trans
you have its either going to call for gear oil or a special manuel trans
fluid (basicaly 5w30 motor oil)

Greg Conner
1996 RC
3.9 hybrid

>From: "Pindell, Timothy" <TPindell@OTTERBEIN.EDU>
>To: "''" <>
>Subject: DML: RE: Clutch Problems
>Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 16:24:46 -0400
>Does that no-bleed issue still apply to '89 models? I don't know about the
>Gen3s, but my 89 has an external clutch actuator on the bellhousing. I
>think it's called a 'slave cylinder' in the FSM. How do you tell which end
>is causing the problem? I've never owned a hydraulic clutch before- only
>FWDs and an old B150. Mine occasionally exhibits the same first gear
>usually when cold. I though that it was due to tranny wear since I had no
>leaks, but now that you bring this up, I'm beginning to question that idea.
>My old tranny only has 60,2xx miles on it. Refilled recently with fresh
> >Bad clutch cylinder and/or air in the line somewhere. Replace it - no
> >bleeding required though - it's a self-bleed system.
> >
> >- - Bernd
> > Ok I get in my truck tonight to leave for work,
> >start it up and try to put in into 1st and uh-oh won't
> >go. So I shut her off and go through all the gears
> >everything seems ok. Start it again this time in 1st
> >and it won't shift.
> >snip<
> >
> >Josh
> >00RC 4X4 3.9L

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