No idle unless in gear--TB sensor?

From: Shane Craven (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 13:11:31 EDT

Hi All,

The truck ('92 3.9L 4x4) started normally on Sat morning--drove to the gas station and when I tried to start it after filling, it would start but would not stay running. It would restart normally, but if I didn't flutter the gas pedal, it would die. This had happened in the past and I learned to get it into gear and then it would idle and drive fine and the problem fixed itself...until now. So, I fluttered the gas at 900rpm and shifted into drive and drove off. It drove fine...until I stopped the engine again. Once stopped, if I don't let the engine sit for longer than 10 min. it'll start fine but won't idle on it's own in neutral or park--is this a problem with one of the sensors in the throttle body (the IAC sensor)? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Shane Craven
Bellingham, WA
'92 CC LE 4x4 3.9L

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