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From: Tony Cellana (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 13:37:17 EDT

Stuff Happens at times. At least you only have to wait a day for the pin.
Didn't they have the helicoil kit though?

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Date: Monday, April 19, 2004 10:02 AM
Subject: DML: Them's the Brakes!

Just thought I'd tell y'all about my Sunday afternoon......
It all started innocently enough with the great idea to swap out my front
brake pads, had one squealing on me for the past week. Went over to the
parts store bought a set of pads and returned home, jacked up the truck, set
the stands, and pulled the calipers off. Hmmmm, those rotors look like crap
and look how accessable those ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT (9 years/120,000 miles)
shocks are! Yep, back to the parts store, bought some rotors and some cheap
Monroe shocks (I'm Cheap!) some brake cleaner, fluid, and black spray paint
to make things look all pretty. Back home, get the passenger side done and
move over to the drivers. Get it all done ecept for the bottom caliper bolt.
It's stripped! Chase the threads with a tap and die but still no joy in
mudville, back to the parts store with Heli-Coil on my mind. The fine young
lady there says it must happen all the time because they have an oversizes
bolt that you can buy for that specific reason......except they can't get it
till tomorrow and it's $15!!! By this time I don't care, I already spent
about $150 and 4 hours on a $30 pad swap!! Guess that's how it goes, just
thought I'd share witrh a group of folks that would understand!

Mark in Kentucky
95 CC 4X4 3.9L

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