Re: Diesel In a Dak? heh NOPE!

From: Barry (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 16:13:36 EDT

Josh Battles wrote:

> "Barry" <> wrote in message
>>Terrible Tom wrote:
>>>I know all this because I was researching dropping that engine into
>>>Christine - - ... A V8 wont fit without a little bit of shoehorn
>>work. A
>>>staright six sure as hell won't fit witout major firewall and frame
>>Yeah, like that would stop you... One thing I
>>envy about guys with old trucks is the ability to
>>just hack off a part if it's in the way... If I
>>was brave enough to do that, I would have 35's on
>>my Dak right now...
>> -Barry
> Adam doesn't have an old truck... You saw him at the BBQ...he had Mike use
> the sawzall to trim his wheelwells.
> It's all what you are WILLING to hack off.
Aaaaawwww, Adam dosen't count, he's crazy.....


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