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From: Tony Cellana (
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 06:46:09 EDT

Thanks Ray. Congrats on getting the LITTLE 5.2 of yours down the track that
quickly as well.

Anything in the 12s NA is FAST outta a flying brick!! I was chasing it with
stock heads/cam for a while before I gave in and 11s on a 150 shot. Always
close, but never quite got there. I need a cold downhill track with good
prep on a regular basis. Cecil or Bremerton come to mind. My local track
isn't bad, but I don't often get the air quality for those killer
untouchable runs.


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Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 6:15 AM
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>Congrats Tony!! Very nice beginning with the juice! Got a little better
>myself last Wed with a 13.44 into a 15-20 mph HEAD wind. Without the wind
>it would have easily been a 13.3* run. The only reason it picked up was
>the slightly better barometric pressure and lower humidity from what I saw
>last year. Given even better weather and the few tweaks I have in mind
>just might put this NA 318 into the 12s. Yeah, I know that seems slow to
>you now......... :-)
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>> Well for any interested, I popped off an 11.702 @ 115.98 at Mopars at the
>> Rock (Rockingham NC) this past weekend on a 100 shot.
>> 60' 1.690
>> 330 NA
>> 1/8 7.458 @ 92.15
>> 1000' 9.760
>> 1/4 11.702 @ 115.98
>> Package is a 99 RC R/T with KRC built 408, APS tranny, Viper 3800
>> stall TC,
>> 4.10 gears, 28x12.5 M/T ET streets, and a Accel DFI controller for the
>> engine and juice. It was just a test pass, that wasn't fully
>> tuned. More
>> to come as I get the tune better, and step up on the amount of nitrous.
>> TonyC

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