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From: Bernd D. Ratsch (
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 19:35:14 EDT

Personally, the Viper fan is a good choice (don't know how much the
Zirgo fan is).

All of the t'stat controls that I've either used or installed have an
option for an A/C switch. You connect it to the Black/Blue wire on the
A/C clutch connector (sits on the driver-side near the front of the
manifold - right behind the A/C compressor). Make sure you have the fan
running when the A/C is ON though - not enough cooling on the condensor
and you can increase the head pressure to the point of the safety
blow-off valve on the compressor spitting out freon.

- Bernd

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hi all,
im sure this was in the archives somewhere but i cant seem to find it.
but im in the market for a eletric fan, i think im gonna go with a zirgo
16" 3300 cfm fan, but was wondering if i need anything else besides the
thermostat kit? will my ac function normally? how do i make the electric
fan cut in when my ac comes on and such? any insight would be apprecated

Mopar Ed
Brampton, Ontario

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