Re: Ram Body Damage

From: Terrible Tom (
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 17:36:16 EDT

Mr. Plow wrote:
> You are worse than me...
> All along you've been saying "The Ram isn't going off-road blah blah
> blah...."
> I wonder if either of us over our lifetimes will ever have a vehicle
> without body damage....

WOW! Adam calls ME worse than HIM!?

Maybe I should just stop where I am... I think I have attained a status
  I may not be able to survive!

LOL - I dunno man :) Seems to me that the answer to your pondering is
"no". I have yet to own a truck I have not willfully inflicted damage
upon. I think is has something to do with us being Ex Plow drivers. No
longer smashing up plow trucks, we need an avenue to vent our
destructive tendancies? Granted my vehicular carnage started before I
bought Christine... (lamp pole hit with the 2wd Silver89) so I don't
know if that is a good excuse!

If not that - only thing I can come up with is insanity. Works for me :D

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