Gen 2 Exhaust ?

From: ABadDakota (
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 20:05:50 EDT

I am replacing the catback on my 93 Xcab V8
Dakota. I am removing a Gibson 3" and was looking
into the Dynomax system (17443). Do you think I
will loose any power with this system? The Gibson
is almost 10 years old and finally rusted

I am looking for a "Bolt" in system and any other
suggestions of different brands would also be



93 Black Dakota CC 5.2 Auto, MP Camshaft, MP Computer, MP Valve Covers, Doug Thorley Headers W/ 3 " Exhaust, Jacobs Ultra Ignition, FMS Injectors, K & N Air Filter, and Boyds. Coming soon ...3.91 Gears and Trans Shift Kit.

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