Re: New DML BBQ Music Vid!!

From: Terrible Tom (
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 12:56:44 EDT

Jason Bleazard wrote:
> Terrible Tom said:
>>24 seconds @ 11.8 MB file size... in Quicktime .mov format - sorry
>>folks, I don't have the ability to compress MPEG video.
> LOL! Looks good Tom.
> Is Quicktime the only format you can work with? AVI (for example) would
> be easier to convert. I think we might be able to do it, but it'll take
> some work.

Thanks! I wish I had been able to use new vid clips for it, but instead
I figured I would use some of the more infamous clips from the past.
This was just a teaser video - a sort of "coming attractions" bit :D

Also dissapointed that you cant quite make out Andy mooning the
camera... unless you pause it, or know what the joke in that pic is all
about to begin with, the humor may be missed on that one. I searched
for a different pic to replace that one with... but there really want
another "group photo" that would work with the naration ... "and these

Unfortunatly the old version of iMovie that I have to work with only
allows exporting video to .MOV format. And I don't have any other
programs that would allow MPEG or AVI compression. This computer is old
and out dated and I'm suprised it still works at all. Gotta replace
this sooner than later. (mmmm G5)

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