OK, Pics are up. Check it out.

From: TJ Goettner (dakota52318@toad.net)
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 22:30:10 EDT

 OK, you can check the pic of my truck out now... what do you all think??

Ive had this thing now since 96 when I graduated. Its been hit and totaled
one time, got hit in the rear at a red liight by a F150 doing 55MPH. The
Benettes in Gettysburg, PA did a great job getting it back into shape... the
bed hit the cab, and it was drove into the car infront of us. Check my sig
for mods... Im going to start putting on the Vortech this weekend after I do
my belly pan... and hints or suggestions?? They will also be making a
custom airbox to keep the hood functional like it is now so the SCer will
still draw air in through the hood.... I thought that would pretty unique
huh?? The wheels I want to get are these


What do you all think? I need some honest opinions from some dodge guys....
I also plan on getting a 408, ASP tranny and swapping in a 9 1/4 rear from a
03 RT with disc brakes.

1992 Dodge Dakota 4X4
3.90 Gears, Long Bed
318, 46RH Auto
DT Headers, Functional RamAir Hood
K&N FIPK, Flowmaster Muffler
Custom Throttle Body
MP Computer
Viper Electric Fan
15.74@87.59 b4 fan.

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