RE: RE: What muffler are you running with?

From: Bernd D. Ratsch (
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 07:42:53 EDT

Very mellow at idle and not quite as loud as the old Flowmaster 40 (with
the cat). However, without the resonator (and/or cat)'ll get
really loud (that's why I put the resonator in there).

- Bernd

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How does the Turbo XL sound on a v6 without the cat?? I'm redoing my
exhaust this weekend, and I'm wondering if the absence of the cat would
make a big difference in the sound.


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> Ran the following for a while (and testing):
> Flowmaster 40, 50, and 70-Series
> Ravin (Yech - Expensive version of a Flowmaster)
> Borla
> DynoMax (Super Turbo - First one ever on the truck)
> ..and finally, a MagnaFlow TurboXL muffler.
> Out of all...the MagnaFlow seems to work best in my application.
> - Bernd
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> Just wondering what you all have.... Ive got a flow master right now,
> but I heard that they are some of the most restrictive mufflers that
> you can buy, but god I love the sound. With the SCer going on, what
> should I be looking to get? I love a fairly loud exhaust when you get

> on it, but mild while cruzing. I dont think that there is a better
> sounding car than a mustang.... what way would I want to go to get
> close to that?
> TJ
> 1992 Dodge Dakota 4X4
> 3.90 Gears, Long Bed
> 318, 46RH Auto
> DT Headers, Functional RamAir Hood
> K&N FIPK, Flowmaster Muffler
> Custom Throttle Body
> MP Computer
> Viper Electric Fan
> 15.74@87.59 b4 fan.
> 4350lbs

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