Re: What muffler are you running with?

Date: Sat Apr 24 2004 - 14:10:25 EDT

In article <000f01c428e0$1190bca0$fcf98ed0@cc456355a>,
("TJG") writes:
> Just wondering what you all have.... Ive got a flow master right now, but I
> heard that they are some of the most restrictive mufflers that you can buy,
> but god I love the sound. With the SCer going on, what should I be looking
> to get? I love a fairly loud exhaust when you get on it, but mild while
> cruzing. I dont think that there is a better sounding car than a
> mustang.... what way would I want to go to get close to that?
> TJ
> 1992 Dodge Dakota 4X4
> 3.90 Gears, Long Bed
> 318, 46RH Auto
> DT Headers, Functional RamAir Hood
> K&N FIPK, Flowmaster Muffler
> Custom Throttle Body
> MP Computer
> Viper Electric Fan
> 15.74@87.59 b4 fan.
> 4350lbs

TJ, I forgot to answer the last part of your question. If you're talking about
a 5.0 Mustang, I agree...they sound pretty awesome. Many Mustang owners claim
that it's the H-pipe that gives them the unique sound. I disagree, since I
have a Dr. Gas X-pipe on my '89 LX with 2 chamber Flowmasters. It sounds
pretty much like any other 5.0 Mustang. The X pipe is a little smoother
sounding, and actually not quite as "mean" as an H-pipe, though.

I think there is something unique about the motor that gives it that sound.
Whether it's the bore/stroke/cam combination or what, I don't know. Big block
Mopars are unique in that way too. Once you've heard one, you can always pick
one out driving down the road when you hear it.

Even though my Dak has headers and a two chamber Flowmaster, it sounds nothing
like my Mustang with headers and two chamber Flowmasters. Two totally
different animals. Both of them sound good, though!

Sounds like someone may be poo-pooing your Dak project to me. From the looks
of your sig, you've got a real nice combo. Our Daks are fat, though, and need
more torque to be quick (especially in CC or 4x4 form). Get that supercharger
on, and tell 'em all to piss off! ;)

Brett Forehand
'94 Dakota Sport CC 5.2 Auto

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