Ebay and Shameless Self Promotion..

From: Barry (barrysuperhawk@insightbb.com)
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 00:47:35 EDT

This is marginally funny, apologies to all of the AMSOIL guys out there,
but after this, I am pretty convinced that Amsoil.inc should be renamed
a$$hole.inc. Gee, I am sure glad I am not an AMSOIL dealer...

Here's my auction...I don't think it's a lister bidding on it:


Here's the Email I got from Amsoil:

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From: aganoe@amsoil.com
To: barryoliver@insightbb.com
Subject: Question from eBay Member: AMSOIL BMK-3R Dual By-pass oil
filter kit
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Question from eBay Member: AMSOIL BMK-3R Dual By-pass oil filter kit

Dear axclr8,

I am writing to inform you that the AMSOIL marketing policy forbids
Dealers from
selling products on eBay. If you are a Dealer I will assume it was an
unintentional violation because of lack of familiarity with our
policies. Our
current eBay policy was posted in the Dealer Zone in March 2002. You can
all of our Internet policies there at www.amsoil.com in the Dealer Zone.
You can
view our eBay Verified Rights Owner Page at
http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/amsoil_inc. If you wish to discuss, you
email at aganoe@amsoil.com. Andy Ganoe Assistant Web Developer AMSOIL

To view the item, go to:

Thank you,


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