Poop Boys update

From: Jon Slavic (jons@laserdrive.com)
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 10:25:38 EDT

I posted awhile ago about not being able to get my Westing Tube steps
covered under warranty because I lost the reciept. I contacted the Westin
regional sales rep. and he could only offer a "discounted price". I never
found out what the discounted price was.

I ordered my steps from the DML favorite Poop Boys. Contact the store a few
times and long story short, got no help. I emailed the corporate office
from poopboys.com. I got a call from the store manager two days later
asking why I never called him directly. I explained, "I got shitty help
from 4 other employees, why would I expect something different from the
manager?" He understood. He looked up my info in their computer and
couldn't find anything, imagine that! He said to rectify the situation, he
ordered me a new set and got them on Saturday.

Needless to say, if you have a problem, contact the corporate office
directly and they will get the store moving in the right direction.

Jon Slavic
2000 Dodge Dakota Sport Plus, 4x4, 4.7L, CC, Intense Blue
2003 Jeep Liberty Limited, 4x4, 3.7L, Bright Silver

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