Defending 3.9L (Was "Found 3 mpg")

From: Zachary Burcham (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 09:11:35 EDT

The weight can vary from 400-800 lbs more than a ram depending on the truck.
  A RC Ram 2WD would be around 100 lbs more but i don't know how many 5.9L
2WD RCs there are running around. so you're looking at maybe 500 lbs more
on average. And you've gotta think that a ram is a lot bigger in the air
than a durango which while it may be close on weight, it's not on actual
size. The weight of a durango R/T is just under 5000 lbs, with the rams
typically running around 5500. And you're not really thinking it all the
way through. I have somewhat over sized tires (Not 35s by any means) but I
went from the stock 195 radials to 235/75 AT tires, and my mileage in town
went down, but my highway mileage actually went up. Because the bigger
tires gave me a taller final drive ratio. I was pulling 20 mpg solid on the
highway with the speedometer off by a few mph over 300+ mile runs.

I'm really kinda curious as to why everyone is acting like I'm bashing on a
vehicle's mileage. I just want to know how this guy's ram gets such GOOD
mileage. All the R/T guys I know, a buddy with a 3/4 ton ram and a lot of
the guys I've talked to on the internet have never mentioned getting mid 20s
in a ram before with a 5.9L. And on here we've got one guy pulling 20 with
some mpg saving mods and a smaller more aerodynamic vehicle. Once again, i
love my 3.9L, but I simply don't believe that a Ram could pull mid 20s with
a 5.9L with out some selective modding.

ate: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 20:22:54 -0500
From: "Bill Day" <>
Subject: DML: Re: RE: Defending 3.9L (WAS "Found 3 mpg")

Well whats so heavy about a ram vs a durango? The durango does have more
body then the ram, and you must remember that passenger vehicles are geared
more for driving then the way trucks are geared for pulling heavier loads.
It all reverts back to what they put in the gearing and what the final tire
diameter is of the vehicle being tested. Just because you run 35's, doesnt
mean you have to get 5 mpg, there is always something to help you, change
the gears to 5.xx and at least go back to double digits maybe high teens..
Its all in what you want... If you run 35's and keep the stock gears you
will eat gas, whether you have a 4 banger ina zuki or v10 in a ram....

Bill Day

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