Back in Dak!

From: Kyle Vanditmars (
Date: Sat Jun 11 2005 - 21:21:59 EDT

well, the truck's back together. For those who remember, my '92 V6 died
on me 100 meters from work and wouldn't restart. Turns out my
distributor/oil pump drive gear was "involuntarily lightened" by the
camshaft, LOL. Pictures can be had for your grim pleasure here:

I also trimmed the runners on my kegger 1" and radiused the runner
inlets while I had things apart. I'm pleased with the results, pulls
cleaner and stronger to redline. No quantifiable results of course, but
it "feels better", and the butt dyno says hooray. Lost a little bit of
low down grunt of course, but I only really notice it while cruising
with O/D on at like 1400rpm.

Also, gas mileage has gone up significantly. I would guess I'm getting
at least 15% if not 20% better mileage, but I'll have to check when I
fill up the tank again.

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