Let's Say Thanks - Mail to the troops

From: WiLieR[SS] (waffle787@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Dec 12 2006 - 00:43:46 EST

I just found out about a project Xerox has going on. They are
printing out cards to go out to the troops overseas. It is very
simple to do and only takes a few mouse clicks and minimal typing,
unless you want to create your own message (see step 4), and will lift
the spirits of anyone serving overseas. It doesn't matter where you
serve, you get lonely and something as simple as a single card from a
random person back home can make all the difference in the world, even
if you don't know them.

So go ahead and send out a few cards. It's free and one of the
easiest ways to Say Thanks!

1) Go to www.letssaythanks.com.
2) Pick out a card design that you like.
3) Enter your name, hometown, select your state.
4) Choose either a provided message (they are all good!) or use one
you create yourself.
5) Click Submit!

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