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From: Biff Byrum (
Date: Sat Dec 16 2006 - 17:04:11 EST

I forgot about that. I don't believe the owner knows about that. I think
I'll just go buy the damn thing at the price it's at and worry about it
later. Are you sure they changed over from the speedo hole in 98? I had
thought it was 99, but my memory isn't what it used to be. In fact I forgot
about all those posts a few months back about flaky speedos.

It's a long way away, so gotta get going right now. Thanks for that intel. I
thinks I might have done just decided to splurge on it. Biff
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> On 12/16/06, Biff Byrum <> wrote:
>> Hey folks, i'm talking to somone about buying their 98 Sport and the
>> owner
>> says the only problem is the speedo works part time sometimes and ok
>> sometimes. she said it needed to be replaced and thought the part cost
>> $900
>> and quite a bit to put in because the stealer had to reset the new panel.
>> someone here in town has Gen III clusters for a lot less than that and
>> they
>> suggested a business here that can reset them. Any suggestions??
>> Thanks,
>> Biff Byrum
> The first thing I would try is replacing the speed sensor on the rear
> differential first. Unless the owner has already tried that, then
> they might be going down the right road to fix it.
> WiLieR

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