which scanner reads brake codes 99 dakota

From: Eric Hufstedler (huffy340@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Dec 17 2006 - 15:06:57 EST

Hi guys,

Do any of the regular (IE reasonably priced) scanners also read the
brake codes? I believe the system is separate from the engine codes,

My rear speed sensor is bad, but it reminded me that i *would* like
to be able to read the codes. Or are there few enough codes that
it's not worth it?

What's funny is way back, when under warranty, a couple of times (a
couple years a part) the abs light and brake light came on, but
went out before I could make it to the dealer. The 2nd time it
was on for a couple days, so i took it in any and they didn't find
any fault codes.

Then there was no problem for several years, and just yesterday it
popped up again. This time, the speedometer will stop working for
brief periods, too.

I checked the connector, and it looks fine. Assuming it doesn't
start working when i drive i (after working the connector) i'll
pickup a pickup.


1974 Valiant 4-door, 318
1999 Dakota Ext Cab, 2WD  (rear ABS)

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