Re: DML Not a Merry Christmas

Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 01:32:11 EST

Gabe, could be worse, of course. The hit doesn't look all that terrible as these things go but parts and labor can make it what's known as a constructive total meaning it can be fixed but costs more to repair than it's really worth. It does sound like the adjuster is going to try to work with you on that. Let's hope he/she is going to be straight with you.

In any case, thats the first part. The second part is your injury. Get to your dr. asap to get checked out. Let the Caddy driver's insurance company and yours know that you have an injury and anticipate being compensated for it at some point. You may want to visit with a chiropractor or an orthopod. Hopefully, you had PIP or med pay on your policy to pay the med bills up front. Whether you hire a lawyer or not is up to you.

I feel your pain as someone once said- I have a '98 Dak CC Sport in flame red too with 87,000 miles and would hate to lose it that way.

Tom W.

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