Re: Coolant temp sensors?

Date: Mon Jan 01 2007 - 19:29:22 EST

"Don Rey" <> wrote:

: My coolant temp gauge isn't registering properly - I'm pretty sure the
: sender being broken has something to do with it. Here's my problem:
: there are two coolant temp senders in the manifold; a one-wire sender
: and a two-wire sender. (This is a 94 5.2 mag engine.) The only
: replacement that the auto parts places come up with is for the
: two-wire sender. This one sticks deeper into the hole. Does anyone
: know how to get the one-wire sender? (I assume this is the guage
: sender.)

  Yep, the one wire sensor is the one for the gauge (the PCM uses
the 2 wire). I had some trouble regarding the temp sensors at
Autozone myself. IIRC, they were calling one of them a "temperature
sensor" and the other one a "temperature switch" for some stupid
reason. I notice that Autozone calls a lot of their temperature
sensors "switches"; I have no idea why.

   Anyway, maybe have them look up a temperature sensor and also
a temperature switch. If all else fails, you should be able to
get one at a Dodge dealer. If I am interpreting Tenafly's site
correctly, the 2 wire sensor lists at about $42, but the 1 wire
lists at about $12.


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