Re: can someoneone help with a problem

From: Don Rey (
Date: Sat Oct 06 2007 - 22:44:00 EDT

Hi Lynne,
We might need a little more to go on... any more symptoms you can give
us? Can your friend get it started at all, and how does it run when it
does start? What has been tried and failed so far?

The 87 is carbeurated. Since your friend has checked for fuel and
spark... I assume he's checked other obvious things like choke, plug
wires, plugs. Is the timing ok? I don't think that truck has a crank
sensor... someone else can chime in if I'm wrong.

Don in CT
89 DakVert NV3500 4x4
74 Dart Sport 340

On 10/6/07, <> wrote:
> Hi Good People@theDML,
> A 87 v6 belonging to a friend has trouble starting most the time.
> Old owner thought the fuel system was the problem
> the new owner now thinks its electrical.
> Things have been tried and failed.
> I dont know if a crank sensor is on that or if they used a asd relay.
> I am not with the truck.
> Carb and distributor received attention.
> Are there any sudgestions to what needs attention
> Yes there is petro and spark at the coil
> Thank you, Lynne (94 white 6 club)
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