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Date: Sun Oct 14 2007 - 12:02:10 EDT

No, the wiring is not there. The only time the wiring will be there is if
it came with the trip computer from the factory. I had the same set up as
you on my '00. I installed the trip computer from my totaled '99 into it.
I had to run all the wires from the trip computer to the correct spot under
the dash, and then I took the temp sensor from my '99 and put it on my '00.
Now everything works like factory.

brian cropp
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Coming out of my own lurk mode, I have a related question about this: I have
the factory installed overhead console in my 2000 Dak, the one with all of
the compartments including the garage door opener compartment which would be
really sweet if I actually had a garage and a remote door opener, however I
digress. The console, instead of having the display that indicates mileage
and direction, came with some sort of clip that I don't even use. Based on
your experiences would this configuration have all the required wiring and
sensors already installed if I was to somehow manage to come up with the
display part? And would anyone here know how I could get my hands on the
display and how to install it?

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>>I am looking for an overhead factory console for my
2004 Dakota Quad Cab<<

Here's what I've learned about this swap:

now, bear in mind that 2004 trucks might be somewhat different since it was
the last model year for the gen III.

from what I've seen in boneyards and when I was writing service, if the
truck didn't come from the factory with the OH console, the wiring isn't
there nor are the sensors. The OH console with the trip computer relies on
several sensors that aren't there unless the OH console group was ordered
from the factory.
Now, if you just want the overhead console with the sweet compartments but
no incorrect fuel mileage or "give or take a few degrees" temperature, that
one should swap right in =)

** returns to lurk mode **

- -miggity
00' R/T CC... a mod or two or 9 =)

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