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Date: Sat Jun 14 2008 - 23:33:24 EDT

Timing chain maybe? No MIL...hmmm...maybe its an alternator?


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Hey, DML!
Susan brought the DAKSY home from running errands for her parents over in
North Adams & says to me,
"you better look at the truck, it's making a 'whooshing' sound."
OK, I know that the PS unit has some issues & the water pump is probably
gonna need replacement (#2) & with 142K mi., I need to spend some quality
time with my DAK, but I never heard ANYTHING like this...
So I go out & turn the key & start her & YOW!
It's not so much as a 'whoosh' as it is a metal-on-metal sound...
It starts as soon as she's running & the sound is LOUD. It goes away after
about 10-15 seconds & doesn't come back until I shut her down & re-start.
Then it comes back..
Doesn't matter if she's in gear or neutral..
I can't tell where it's coming from, other than the engine...I'm gonna crawl

underneath & have Susan start her tomorrow - when the rain stops, to see if
I can pinpoint the origin...
No MIL...Oil is at an acceptable level & the gage says the pressure is
Not running hot. Plenty of power for a well-driven truck.
Any ideas?
Bearings not getting enough oil at start-up?


Bob (DAKSY) Smith
2K SY Dakota Sport +
V-6 4 x 4 5 speed
2K08 HD Softail CrossBones
Satin Black (Not Yellow)
Averill Park, NY

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