Re: A/C running in winter

Date: Wed Nov 25 2009 - 15:40:52 EST

Here's what I did on my 2000 QC to control the A/C.

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There's also a way to modify the HVAC controller to disable the button from
triggering the A/C. I HATE this as well; if I want the A/C to kick on with
defrost I'll just press the button. On my Neon it was one of the first things
I did, but it's more complicated on the Dakota.

I found the below in the DML archives. I've not tried it yet but it's on my
list of "To-Do" items on my next days off... along with a dozen other things in
my Dakota to-do list. ;)


Defroster control lobotomy The factory service manual wiring diagram indicated that this AC switching was done inside the "non-serviceable" heater/AC control unit in the dash. There is no wire that can be cut outside of this unit to defeat this "feature". The factory manual was of no help beyond this point. Well yesterday I decided I was going to "fix" it and I did. Here's how: Remove the two screws holding the "kneecap smasher" under the steering column and remove it. Remove the eight torx screws holding on the dashboard panel and remove it. Remove the two screws holding in the heater/AC control unit and slide it out of the dash. It will be dangling by one cable, seven wires, and a bunch of vacuum lines. There is a tab under the wiring connector. Push the tab and unplug the wiring. There is a tab under the colored plastic anchor for the cable. Push the tab and remove the cable. There are two silver colored screws on top of the heater/AC control unit that hold in the vacuum switch unit, where the offensive AC switch is located, but removing these screws does not allow the vacuum switch to come free. Removing the front bezel allows access only to the light bulbs, so don't bother. The heater/AC control unit can be flipped upsidedown once the cable and wires are removed. The vacuum switch unit can now be opened up. WARNING! When you open this unit up there is a very real possibility that small parts will go flying everywhere. This is not for the faint of heart nor the mechanically inept. Make sure all four buttons are in the out position (press two at once). Make sure the unit is upside down and level. Pry up the tabs holding on the bottom cover starting at the back and carefully remove the cover. Behind the defrost button you can now see a metal clip that slides with the button and makes contact on either side to engage the AC when the button is pushed. Pop out this metal clip. Put all the other little parts back in place and snap the cover back on. The end of the spring loaded sliding piece that goes across the unit sticks out one end under spring pressure and must be pushed in to get the cover on. Reassemble everything else and enjoy the results.

In article <E05A833B61034FE48F41E54B01649F04@Maggie>, ("Azie L. Magnusson") writes: > > > TTroidl writes: >> Milage is bad enough w/o the AC running > cooling off the HEAT I want! << > > If you insist that you do not want your A/c to run, insert a > switch in the power line running to the clutch on the compressor. > It is designed to operate on defrost regardless of the time of > year or the heat settings and this is to keep the compressor > lubricated year round and keep the seals from getting brittle > and deteriorating - hence leakage of the gas in the system. > Or simply unplug the A/C @ the compressor. > > > If Nancy Pelosi has one more face lift - > She will have a beard..... > > Azie >

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