DAKSY Bonding (or is it BONDAGE?)

From: DAKSY (rsmith13@nycap.rr.com)
Date: Thu Feb 04 2010 - 15:26:02 EST

Hey, DML!
Gotta love it 20 degrees F outside & a day off...
What to do? Hmmm...
Get some work done around the house - there's always somethin...
Bring in some pellets to keep Susan warm...
Organize my tools...
Maybe crank on the Lolly columns to bring the bearing beam back to level in
areas where she's sagged from the added weight of the A-Frame...
Nah...The DAKSY picked this morning to Mahtzo the water pump.
I had forgotten just how much fun THAT was to change...
Why oh why do they require a special spanner wrench to detach the fan
assembly from the pump pulley?
Didn't have one but I HAVE invented a whole new way to use a Pickle Fork!
Well 3 hours, $135.00, a bunch of bloody knuckles & only one stripped
She's back in business with a new pump & a Serp belt as well
& she's purring like a kitten in SPITE of 157902 miles...
Time for the Bacitracin...

Bob (DAKSY) Smith
2K SY Dakota Sport +
V-6 4 x 4 5 speed
2K08 HD Softail CrossBones
Satin Black (Not Yellow)
Averill Park, NY

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