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From: Biff Byrum (
Date: Sat Feb 13 2010 - 20:30:26 EST

Mike, when I read this I was just thinking of what Rascal had said, so I
just went out to check that off-ground on the neg cable. both eyelets coming
to that bolt seem to be very tight.

My truck is a '98 SLT CC, 2wd with the 3.9. All seemimgly just as built.

A few months ago I did go back over to the battery dealer and they did check
it out completely. It's a big group 34 that I bought back in July.
Everything was perfect and the retightened the terminals.

Right now it just showed 13.28 cold and it is now charging at 13.95. ( Its
about 65F right now)

No communication is a good symptom of the PCM going south, but can I make
the argument that this truck has gone through this three other times in the
last year and the PCM has survived?

If fact the last time was last week and after the mechanic put the last one
on and 2 new tires, he forgot to clear the codes. I went out later that
night and about the fifth time I turned the key on I just happened to look
and the check engine light was off!!!

Here is a link to something I found in a search

Oh well, I had just come back from checking the local CarQuest store, the
have both Denso and NTK available for about the same prices as the Boschs.
screw the Kragen and the Auto Zone right across the street. It looks like
what I took out last year was the original NTK sensor, now CQ says their
computer shows that the Denso was original

Now if I can figure out that ground wire, maybe my problems will go away. As
best as I can see, one of those two connected wires goes down somewhere in
the area of the distributor.

Hey Rascal, it was great to hear from you, we have all been thinking of you.
I hope you get cleared to drive next week.. Biff Byrum....

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> On Feb 12, 2010, at 11:04 PM, Biff Byrum wrote:
>> When I start it up the volt meter sits way to the left and then starts
>> moving up slowly, maybe taking 12 seconds to show full charging voltage.
>> The other day when I put in a replacement IAC motor I did a little
>> moving around of that two wire flat plastic encased ground strap that
>> bolts to the wiper motor.
>> When I got done I noticed that the needle moved up faster, taking only
>> about 6 seconds to get up to voltage. But that still doesn't seem to be
>> proper.
> This really sounds like a charging system issue. Bad alt, bad regulator,
> bad battery, or bad battery/ground connection.
> If you have some of those issues that could lead to dying (disconnect
> voltage from the PCM and it'll die right away as if you shut off the
> key...)
> Your other symptoms - especially
>> this time it no longer wants to talk to any scanners.
> is making me think bad PCM. I would suppose the perfect short could
> cause that as well but all of this could be explained by them PCM going
> south.
> What are your truck's specs? I have one here that I think is from a '96
> Ram 360 manual trans. Not sure if that would help you out.
> Mike
> really getting the itch to start cutting on the increasingly wrinkled 40"
> shod monster Dak

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