Re: Internal vs. External Balance

From: Jamie Calder (
Date: Sun Feb 28 2010 - 03:36:43 EST

The 408 "kit" was sold to me as a balanced kit. Does that mean it should
have been internally balanced?
Still curious how this is done exactly. I know the spec sheet of the
pistons state the weight of each one (all 524 - 526 grams).
Are 360's externally balanced with the balancer or converter?
If a 360 needs a new harmonic balancer or torque converter, how do they
determine where counter weight are placed and where do they go?

Thanks again,
From: "Gary Hedlin" <>
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2010 11:28 PM
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Subject: Re: DML: Internal vs. External Balance

> Usually an engine that's been worked on has had the internals balanced
> (rods,pistons, crank) prior to assembly. An external balanced engine
> uses counterweights on the converter or harmonic balancer. Most of the
> time... Unless the engine builder is a complete idiot (experience from a
> 340 project Im working on).
> Gary Hedlin
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> On Feb 27, 2010, at 8:41 PM, "Jamie Calder" <> wrote:
>> How are internal rotating assemblies balanced?
>> And external?
>> Can a visual inspection clearly tell weather a 408 short block is
>> internally or externally balanced? (got to answer some ebay q's)
>> Thanks,
>> James

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