Re: Re: Califorina Crushed

From: Chris (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2010 - 18:47:58 EDT

How about this? All the information I have is what is here:

1989 DODGE Dakota pickup. Runs good. Would make great work truck. $1200;
as is. 309/674-8546 Peoria. Posted 5/21.

This is about an hour from me. You can also e-mail them directly from
the site by going to and searching
on Dodge Dakota.

I may be able to arrange for a trip out there, since it is about an hour

Chris Reck
Bloomington, IL

>> '99 Dakota Sport + CC 4x4 V6 (Deep Amethyst) >> "It's not the meat, it's how you apply the rub" (Andy Levy) wrote in

> > On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 11:25, Mike Sykes <> wrote: >> >>>> There are no vulgar words in existance foul enough or vile enough >>>> to properly >> >> describe how angry I am<< >> >> Epic fail. >> >> I missed the post stating what kind of frame you are seeking, but >> there are a lot of salvage yards out my way and I'd be happy to look >> for ya'. =) > > '89 (or compatible - '88 or '90 might work, I don't recall) 4x4 > longbed (short cab) > >

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