Selling my paint ball gear

From: TerribleTom (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2010 - 21:04:04 EDT

I'm selling my paint ball gear. I have two highly modified Tippmann
98s. One is set up Mil-sim AR15/M16 style. Collapsible stock, sights,
electronic trigger, ported barrel and forward grip, Bossman Magazine
kit... titanium hammer - has virtually no recoil. The E-grip trigger
needs to be dialed in... I never got around to setting it up properly.
No Ed, I never got the three shot burst dialed in :) It has multi
settings, and is capable of full auto, but due to the design of the 98,
its not going to fly paint as fast as a high end electronic. Rate of
Fire needs to be dialed down to keep it from chopping.

Other full size marker is my older 98, set up for sniper... 20-something
inch barrel, pressure regulator (not installed), red dot sight...

I have several 20oz CO2 tanks, several or two are higher
end.. forgot the brand.. upper torso body vest, neck guard, a case or
two of ammo, ton of spare parts, nuts, bolts, o-rings, tank rings.

Also have a Tippmann TPX pistol which I never had a chance to do much
more than target practice with... but I might keep that one.

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, send me
email off list at

All of this stuff adds up to some where around $1500 new... I have not
figured out just what I want for them, but I'm negotiable.


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