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From: Josh Battles (
Date: Tue Jun 22 2010 - 13:47:22 EDT

I did a considerable amount of research into this for my v6 several years
back. The biggest problem I had is that I wanted to run a single turbo
instead of two, so lag time would've been excessive. I thought it more cost
effective to swap a v8 in there so I gave up on it and ended up having kids
before my swap was complete so I sold the parts.

Anyways, you'll need a 3bar map sensor and an M1 intake (to not blow plenum
gaskets). You could most likely run about 5psi on stock electronics but
there are plenty of other setups that will perform better. I had looked into
running DFI, FAST, as well as Ford electronics and converting to maf. You
could try megasquirt but its not really up to the challenge if you're
planning on doing serious tuning. Lots of turbo k-car guys run the Ford
stuff and it performs really well. It also helps that it's inexpensive from
your local junkyard. You have to be good at reading wiring schematics

I hope this helps some.

- Josh

On Jun 22, 2010 12:34 PM, "Azie L. Magnusson" <> wrote:

Anyone got any links or other info for turbocharging a
MOPAR with the current MAP sensor setup??? Or what
has to be done to Turbo charge and retain the legal emissions
junk??? I know it is done on some small 4 cyl cars, so it
should be doable for the V8's...

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