Re: T-Rex Concept on a Dak Chassis?

Date: Wed Jan 26 2011 - 21:44:37 EST

Barry Oliver <> wrote:

> Was wasting time on youtube and I found the T-Rex Dodge 6x6 [just
> search it, there are tons of vids]

> The basic concept was a V10 Ram with an active 6x6 suspension. I know
> it would be hella work but could this concept work in smaller scale,
> with say a Dakota as the base vehicle? With a smaller base, maybe a HO
> 4.7 might suffice or maybe a 4BT? What about the axles? Would you have
> to run 2.5T Rockwells or could you run something smaller? The body
> might just be the easy part, taking a couple of the short, quad cab beds
> and grafting them together.... I want one...right after I get my own
> RipSaw [youtube it too...]

Here are a couple of GenII photoshops done by Sam Parthemer back in
the day:

I've seen dually Daks but I don't believe I've ever seen a 6x6; it
would be a unique truck for sure! Regarding the difficulty, you could
cheat by making the rear axle non-powered which would simplify things
greatly, though this would not be so great if the idea is to be able
to use it off-road.

> On a couple of the vids there are comments to the effect that the V10
> makes almost the same power as the Cummins, but at half the weight, and
> half the mileage. That got me wondering, because if I were to ever get
> a fullsize I would want more power than my 318, I mean after all, why
> bother otherwise?

    It depends a lot on which version of the Cummins you are talking
about too - the 5.9L started out at 160hp/400lb-ft and the current
6.7L is at 350hp/650lb-ft. I believe the V10 is 305hp/440lb-ft. So
the V10 does beat the early diesels on horsepower but is about
equivalent in torque, whereas the current diesels blow the V10 out of
the water in both areas, especially torque, which is where its at,

Here's a fairly consise summary of the V10 vs Cummins wars from the
Ram truck list: (

   1. stock for stock at sea level and not towing, the V10 may be quicker;
   2. towing especially in the mountains, the diesel is better, and
      loses very little hp with altitude unlike normally aspirated engines
      such as the V10;
   3. the diesel is way overengineered for great durability, even when
      hopped up;
   4. hopping up the diesel costs much less and gives more of a gain
      than the gas engines;
   5. resale value offsets much of the diesel option cost, and when
      you have say 80,000 miles on it, the buyer looks on the gas rig as
      worn out and the diesel as just broken in;
   6. the diesel will get between 50% and 100% better fuel mileage and
      needs very little maintenance, although it does use more oil at the
      change intervals (11 vs. 7 qt).

    Personally, I'd say the diesel wins. :-)


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