Re: Calling OHIO DMLers...!! Or anyone that knows anyone in Ohio

From: Josh Battles (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 23:50:10 EST

Might check Tim Pindell. Sheena I think has some family down there too if
you can't find anyone.

- Josh
On Jan 27, 2011 10:38 PM, "TerribleTom" <> wrote:
> Ok here we go again... another Christine Frame Donor Alert...
> Tim Althoff (SP?) and Tom Cantor are the only two Ohio DMLer names I
> remember from back in the day... I bought a roll pan from Tom which is
> on Christine now, but I no longer have his contact info.
> If anyone knows anyone in the Columbus OH area... there is a Dak for
> sale at "Auto Direct" - 2300 E Dublin Granville Rd. in Columbus.
> Its a 1991 4x4, long bed reg cab.... stick shift truck. I'm first going
> to contact the dealer and see if they can provide additional photos...
> but having a Dak-knowledgeable person take a look at it is always best.
> Being a truck in the Ohio region, its still likely to have the
> frame/rust issues that our trucks are prone to. From just the photos
> posted however, it looks pretty good. I cant see any of the typical
> rust issues. However just looking at Christine at first glance, you
> might not think it would have frame rot either.
> I wish the truck in California had not fallen through. That truck was
> rust free according to the friend I had look at it. Junk yard pulled a
> 180 and started giving me a load of garbage and was very rude. Pearsons
> Auto Salvage can still burn in hell! (yeah Im bitter)
> Anyway... if anyone thinks they might be able to lend a hand I would be
> thrilled. This one is close enough that I might just take the road trip
> to go look at it myself. All depends on how things go.
> --
> TerribleTom

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