Re: Calling OHIO DMLers...!! Or anyone that knows anyone in Ohio

From: Don (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2011 - 15:51:17 EST

Hmm.... that one would make for a nice long bed convertible too...

I don't think I can fit it in the budget anyway, but Tom, let me know if you
decide not to go with the Ohio truck.

Don in CT

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 11:37 PM, TerribleTom <>wrote:

> Ok here we go again... another Christine Frame Donor Alert...
> Tim Althoff (SP?) and Tom Cantor are the only two Ohio DMLer names I
> remember from back in the day... I bought a roll pan from Tom which is on
> Christine now, but I no longer have his contact info.
> If anyone knows anyone in the Columbus OH area... there is a Dak for sale
> at "Auto Direct" - 2300 E Dublin Granville Rd. in Columbus.
> Its a 1991 4x4, long bed reg cab.... stick shift truck. I'm first going to
> contact the dealer and see if they can provide additional photos... but
> having a Dak-knowledgeable person take a look at it is always best. Being
> a truck in the Ohio region, its still likely to have the frame/rust issues
> that our trucks are prone to. From just the photos posted however, it looks
> pretty good. I cant see any of the typical rust issues. However just
> looking at Christine at first glance, you might not think it would have
> frame rot either.
> I wish the truck in California had not fallen through. That truck was rust
> free according to the friend I had look at it. Junk yard pulled a 180 and
> started giving me a load of garbage and was very rude. Pearsons Auto
> Salvage can still burn in hell! (yeah Im bitter)
> Anyway... if anyone thinks they might be able to lend a hand I would be
> thrilled. This one is close enough that I might just take the road trip to
> go look at it myself. All depends on how things go.
> --
> TerribleTom

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