RE: Re: short in horn...glug, glug...

Date: Fri Mar 25 2011 - 21:22:10 EDT

Replaced the factory ones in my Neon at 105,000 miles with Silverstars
just to get more light (original bulbs were still fine). One Silverstar
burned out a year later. Wife crashed the car before the other could
burn out.

Only bulbs I replaced on that car for burning out was a couple tail
light bulbs. I was surprised.

I had to replace the tailgate brake light bulbs when I got the truck,
they were all burned out, and one taillight. I had one headlight bulb
explode for no apparent reason on the passenger side. Thankfully I'm
planning on replacing the housings so I don't need to worry about trying
to get all the glass shards out...


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> >>> Just watch it, those things burn out a heck of a lot faster than normal
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> > bulbs.<<
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> > It's been hit or miss for me. The ones in my Dak have been in there for
> > about 4 years. I put a set in my wife's Accord and they burned out within a
> > few weeks. I got a refund, but it was weird...
> Can't be much worse than current Subaru OEM bulbs. Wife's 2010 Outback
> isn't even 18 months old, has already had the left low beam replaced
> and the right is burned out now.
> I've replaced 2 low beam bulbs in my '03 - and I've had it over 5 years.

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