Re: 4.7l overheating

Date: Mon May 30 2011 - 20:17:49 EDT


I have a 2001 that had identical issues. Naturally it exaggerated the problem when towing.

Once I replaced the radiator (myself), my temp guage has been consistent and barely moves when towing.

That would be my suggestion. You might as well replace the water pump while you are at it since it will be completely exposed once your radiator is off. I also did that.

Hope that helps!
'01 CC 4.7L 5-speed.
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From: Ted Wiegandt <>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 18:42:36
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Subject: DML: 4.7l overheating

I have a 2002 QC with the 4.7 and it was overheating on the way home
tonight. At anything less than 60 mph it would run hot, at less than
10 mph it would go to the top of the temp scale. Running the heater
on high helped a little. The engine fan was running. It had sprayed
a little coolant under the hood by the time I got home. I could not
tell where it came from specifically but it was near the radiator fill
cap. Any suggestions? I thought it was probably the fan until I
heard it running when I got home.

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