Let's play "Guess that noise"!

From: M.B. (mailinglists@moparhowto.com)
Date: Tue Sep 20 2011 - 19:56:39 EDT

Vehicle: 1995 Dodge Dakota 4x4, 318, 141k.

Almost since I bought this truck, there's been a "clunk" from the
steering while at parking lot speeds or while sitting still. I've
replaced all 4 tie rods, the tie rod adjusters, idler arm and pitman arm
trying to fix it. The steering shaft seems tight and rust-free. The
noise sounds like it's coming from lower in the truck. I suspect it's
the steering box. I want to get it fixed prior to winter setting in but
don't want to drop the money on a new box and power steering pump (to be
safe) if it's not going to fix the issue.

Video of the truck running with me turning the wheel back and forth to
make the "clunk" noise:


The steering is pretty tight but on crowned roads there's quite a bit of
steering correction to the left to go straight. It's like there's a
"dead zone" between the wheel being centered up and a quarter turn to
the left. The truck was re-aligned at a shop after the steering
components were replaced ~18 months ago.

Any input on this one?



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