The steering box no longer goes "clank".

From: M.B. (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2011 - 19:45:58 EDT

My '95 Dakota needed an oil change and to have the front diff resealed
(oozing around the diff cover bolt holes) and being too lazy to do it
myself I took it down to a local shop I trust for basic mechanical
stuff. I ran the "clank" I posted about a while back about past the
main manager there and he came out and looked under the truck while I
ran the steering back and forth. He fortunately found the magnetic
parts tray one of his newer guys left there by accident (oops) and
torqued down the front cab bolts which weren't as tight as they should
be. It still made the noise a bit so he torqued down the steering box
bolts and now the noise is gone.

So, I guess if it comes back I need to pull the bolts and put a little
dab of locktite on 'em. Come to think of it after I changed the pitman
arm the noise didn't come back for a while as I had to loosen and
re-tighten the bolts. Doh.

Heck of a lot cheaper than replacing the steering box if it lasts...

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