%$#%$ Oil Sending Units

From: M.B. (mailinglists@moparhowto.com)
Date: Thu Sep 29 2011 - 21:28:21 EDT

I, being too lazy to do it myself when I have another off brand car to
work on with more serious problems, took my '95 Dak to a shop I
generally trust for simple stuff to have the oil changed and the front
diff re-sealed. Today I came out of my therapy appointment for my car
wreck a while back and saw a big puddle under my truck. I got on my
hands and knees (not much fun after therapy) and found a bunch of oil
dripping on to the Y-pipe. So I drove back to the shop with oil smoke
pouring out from under the hood and pulled in with the oil light
flickering, thinking "Oh shit".

The manager was pretty apologetic, and they poured more oil into the
engine and pulled it into the shop. They pulled the filter off figuring
someone had missed an o-ring that came off the old filter, but that
wasn't it. So they started it up on the lift and saw a big stream of
oil coming from the oil sending unit! Apparently the truck, being
jelous of the attention and money I'm spending on the other car (just
put a new windshield into it, and it was installed in my driveway right
in front of the Dak... mistake!) decided it would blow up the oil
sending unit to teach me a lesson.

Long story short, it never got really low on oil and the pressure never
really dropped much. They had to drain some oil out as the oil they
added in the parking lot prior to pulling it in had over-filled it. The
oil light was flickering because the sending unit was shot to hell.

Friggin Trucks... just as bad as women sometimes. ;)


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