Spark plugs and idle issue on '00 4.7L Dak

From: Marc W. Grobe (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2011 - 09:10:18 EST

My father's '00 Dakota is in need of a little maintenance. He's due to replace spark plugs on it and he was interested in the E3 spark plugs the last time we discussed doing a tune-up. What's the latest impressions of these plugs on the 4.7L? Any additional plugs to recommend?

Second issue is that his idle has been surging at times. He's currently undergoing cancer treatment so some of what he has described to me can be a bit confusing, but I believe he was suspecting the IAC. I believe he felt it was that due to it being better after cleaning the throttle body, but after a few thousand miles the surging would return. The only other culprit that I feel is likely is the TPS. Anyway I can isolate one item or the other? I don't have his hard copy of FSM in front of me, but is there a range of values to test the TPS with a multimeter? Any other way I can narrow it down prior to throwing money at a new part?

Lastly, anything else you do on a tune-up? Of course I am aware of the air filter and we'll be doing an oil change soon. Anything else that routinely gets done on the 4.7L?

I appreciate all feedback.


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