Slop in steering

From: Robert Schultz (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2012 - 16:41:52 EDT

Looking for some pointers on where to look for play in the steering.

The truck is an '00 2WD QC. I've replaced the intermediate shaft a
couple years ago and wheel bearings twice in the last three years.

Right now the wheel is 'dead' when on-center and there's considerable
play before the steering responds. With wide front tires following every
imperfection in the road, this results is some fairly vigorous activity
on my part just to go straight.

When it's up on stands, I can't detect any play. Turn the steering wheel
and wheels turn. There doesn't seem to be any play between the two front
wheels either.

My suspicion is that driving around with play in the intermediate shaft
+ bad wheel bearings + 275/55/17 front wheels might have added up to
some wear in the rack. Does that sound likely?

Rob S.

2000 QC 4.7l/5 SPD

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